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Are You a Social Networker? Do You Enjoy Connecting with People and Interact? Then You've got to get some value for your Time.
Coz My Friends - Time is MONEY.
Well i am not here to say this social network is good and that social network is bad or bragg about.
I am simply stating a fact here and that is if you are spending too much time on social networking then why not utilize the time to gain!. and gain what? MONEY offcourse.!!!.Is it Possible? Is it True?
Certainly yes.

Since long time there are certain social networks which are also into revenue sharing. Well strcitly speaking these are not typical social networks like orkut,facebook or twitter,but these are the sites that allow you to post discussions, make friends, interact, write your own original content blogs etc. and guess what these sites pay you do what you have been already doing.

Here is the one network on which I am active The MyLot. What does MyLot Say "We want our users to help our website explode, and to reward you we will pay you every time you use myLot! We believe users are the most valuable asset to the longevity of any website so why only provide them with a service, why not reward them financially?"

What would be more fantastic than having your own friends from different networks also interacting on MyLot and earning at the same time. Its a Win-Win protocol.
Hmmm I can see questions ... questions... oh yeah you are not good at writing, you do not know how to write a good content etc etc...
No Problem. Absolutely No Problem. Just make friends here. Interact with them or just rate their discussions simple enough. Be My Friend on MyLot

The Next One that I a m going to recommend will require some pre-requisites.
  1. You Run Your Own Blog or Site.
  2. You Have Created Your Google Adsense account.
And the Site is Flixya  Share everything under the sun.What Can I do here? all the things that you probably do in Orkut or facebook. Share Photos, Videos, Write and make friends. Flixya is a 100% Revenue sharing programme that means it  pays you back 100% of the advertising revenue generated on their site from the ads placed around the content that you add. You can creat your own blogs, upload your photos, and create blogs about your life.
Meet Me On Flixya.

Are Social Networking Killing My Time? Is Social Networking Good Or Bad? I Propose no theories and no comments from my side. All I can say is Yes I enjoy Facebook, I enjoy Orkut, I do enjoy tweeting but i also earn in my part time what's your call?
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Posted by Abhijeet Bhagat on Saturday, January 2, 2010
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