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I hope You have read my earlier post regarding becoming a member of MyLot and start earning. If Not then please read it now because this post is in continuation to the earlier post.

Ways of Making money when on MyLot:
You are paid here according to the QUALITY of your participation. There is no set amount 'per post'. Participation involves:

1) Responding to and commenting on discussions
2) Rating the discussions
3) Posting your own discussions but you are only paid when your discussion gets at least one response. You are not paid for other people's responses but you are paid for your comments on other people's responses to your discussions, so it's important to post discussions that engage people and encourage them to write good quality responses.

Read the Guidelines to understand what does NOT qualify as a good discussion (and what will almost certainly be deleted). Avoid both creating and responding to such discussions. You will simply waste your time and lose both the earnings you might have made and any respect or social standing you may build up here.
With regard to blogs. MyLot is not a blogging site but it does have a section that links to people's blogs. Your blog needs to be already well established and only on the kind of subjects specified in the Blog Guidelines. It needs to be approved by MyLot before it is linked.

As I understand it, the Blog feature is simply a service and one doesn't earn anything from MyLot because of it. 

See You On MyLot!!!

Calling all software testing and test automation fans!
software testing and test automation
Join me on myLot! Discuss software testing and test automation and make a little money while you're at it.

Posted by Abhijeet Bhagat on Saturday, January 2, 2010
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1 Responses to Making More Out Of MyLot

  1. Drop by drop you can fill a ocean. The min Payout for myLot is $10. But if we keep posting and answering good questions you'll not even know when you achieved your $10 :)

    Ensure you have your PayPal Active and verified.


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software testing and test automation
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